The Everyday Heroes

The frontline heroes that go unnoticed

Prepared meals and leftovers from various sources ready to be packed and delivered.

Good Deeds On Bikes

Pivoting to meet the needs of a specific scenario is what makes volunteering at The Hornbeam so much more rewarding

The Photography Project

RJ — Working hard in the kitchen over weekends. She had just started working at the cafe when COVID-19 put the country in a state of lockdown. She has now been helping The Hornbeam prepare meals over the weekend.
Eileen — At the front of the cafe, making sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face she interacted with.
Susie — A mum volunteering her time before her kids went back to school
Fran — Helping out Eileen at the front of the cafe over the weekends.
Mel — A lawyer trying to find the purpose for the next phase of her life.
Sophie — One of the coordinators at The Hornbeam. They have been instrumental in making sure the 67 cyclists and the 40 odd volunteers at the cafe are making sure everyone is covered.
Chris — A graphic designer who had recently lost his job due to the pandemic.
Marcus — A painter and decorator by trade.
Collin — A boiler installer who brings round his trailer to deliver to up to 4 households.
Ben — a TA at a local school who was volunteering his time while schools were closed due to the pandemic.
Carol —Packing grocery bags for the cycling volunteers for the following day
Poppy — Her mother made her the “mushroom mask”
Tara — volunteering her time between working from home for a think tank.

‘Can’t put into words what a burden has been lifted from me. I don’t know what I would have done without this’

Phoebe (L) and Grace (R) both housemates helping out at the front of the cafe.
Kate — One of the cyclists that deliver food.
Rho — a cyclist who delivers to a an elderly lady in Leytonstone.
David — In normal circumstances, he would be running the community cafe



I like to go on adventures, big and small…. and document them. Currently working on @Tri_Pakistan.

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Usman Bin Omar

I like to go on adventures, big and small…. and document them. Currently working on @Tri_Pakistan.